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KIOSK Accessory
KIOSK with touch screen and media display function, provide customers self-service applications, sample music listening and watch the promotion video, with user friendly interface and rotatable scan window provides easy to operate and help customer to make purchase decision more easily and faster.
-KIOSK Accessory

Printer Module

-KIOSK Accessory
-Printer Module

Printer Control Board

- 60*90*20mm, minimum dimension fits in all kinds of printer housing.
- Single power source design, flexible implementation.
- Multi-layer PCB design for stable power supply, low EMI.
- Printing speed up to 220mm/sec.
- Supports darkness adjustment by command.
- Printing speed selectable.
- Command compatible to EPSON ESC/POS.
- RS232 Baurate up to 115200bps.
- Supports full speed USB 2.0.
- Various font sets built-in.
- Supports windows driver.
-KIOSK Accessory
-Printer Control Board

Scanner Module

SM-5020 is a highly integrated and excellent image two-dimensional code scanning engine module. High level of integration, can be very convenient to integrate into a variety of industrial equipment and application environment. Especially suitable for PDA and POS machine integration
In addition to the traditional paper and printed barcode and QR code, specially designed to support low brightness screen scanning, the minimum can support 35% brightness of the phone. (mobile phone film, electricity is not enough and other situations can be easily handled)
-KIOSK Accessory
-Scanner Module

Bill Acceptor

The BA-200 boasts exceptional note handling on banknotes up to 85 mm wide and standard industry bar codes, that is a secure, field proven banknote validator, Add-on modules are available.
-KIOSK Accessory
-Bill Acceptor

Coin Acceptor

The CA-200 is designed as reliable coin acceptors which are able to work steadily in high temperature for high-security with acceptance rate up to 96% or greater.
-KIOSK Accessory
-Coin Acceptor

Cash Dispenser

The CDM-1000, a compact size with up to 1000 banknotes capacity, is designed able to dispense versatile notes released from worldwide countries via a built-in sutdy mode.
-KIOSK Accessory
-Cash Dispenser

Coin Hopper

The CH-100 is a coin dispensing unit for one denomination.Users can adjust the coin dimension with different coin payout plates and coin adjustment points.
-KIOSK Accessory
-Coin Hopper

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